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Ambu is a dynamic player on the global market for single-use medical devices. After having implemented their ambitious strategy named GPS4 they are now on the path to outperforming the market. Ambu approached REPUTATION to transform and accelerate its branding strategies with the ambition of becoming even more customer focused.

Together we conducted a range of analysis and surveys based on REPUTATION’s Inside-Out® model. Inside-Out® consists of four operative phases and we had the Ambu brand tested trough these phases of atomization, accumulation, animation and the company are now entered the final and most important step, the acceleration phase, in which the strategy of increased customer focus will be implemented together with a range of new marketing material to support the acceleration.

After examining Ambu’s communication across all channels we concluded that the essence of the Ambu brand, Ideas that Work for Life, was not visible or sufficiently pronounced neither in marketing materials nor in many aspects of Ambu’s customer relation. Accordingly we proposed a genuine transformation of their communication practice.

We introduced a new multifunctional icon where the ideas-work-life cycle formed the basis of Ambu’s unique understanding, their needs and their ability to transform ideas into solutions. These solutions make a real difference in the everyday life of healthcare professionals all over the world.p>

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