Influencers … what are they good for?

As you know one of the biggest trends within advertising is the use of influencers. It’s all very simple actually and very close to the good old testimonial method.

Famous person tells you to buy this product. And you do it because you admire the person … despite you have never met him/her.

Some influencers have a very high number of followers. These people trust an influencer much more than they trust your company or brand. So for some products it makes great sense to include influencers into your marketing mix.


For Max Factor we did a Nordic campaign using a beauty blogger and influencer from each Nordic country. This gave us access to the influencers’ network and at the same time they worked as campaign faces … instead of using traditional models.

Besides photo shoots we did an interview with each influencer and created a range of campaign materials including tv-commercials and elements for digital, print and in-store media.



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