Local pop-up store and event

As if it wasn’t enough to have one client involved in Copenhagen Fashion Week, we suggested that Isklar – one of REPUTATIONs latest additions to the client list – became the official water supplier of Copenhagen Fashion Week as a part of their launch activities.

Isklar is pure glacial water bottled directly from the 6000 years old Folgefonna-glacier in the pristine and unspoiled Hardanger region in Norway. It is certified carbon-neutral, exceptionally clean and has very low sodium contents.

Therefore, it was a logical move to first introduce Isklar to the influencers at Copenhagen Fashion Week and then bring it out to the general public.

In cooperation with PR agency Hill & Knowlton, an exclusive retail space was rented for the occasion and turned into a universe of freshness with huge Isklar banners, big screens, large chunks of ice, lounge chairs and even some genuine conifers. The event was kicked off by a reception where the unique history of Isklar was told to selected people from the press and potential distributors.

The shop was then opened to the public for the duration of Copenhagen Fashion Week. Organised by Hill & Knowlton, outside, girls inside giant clear plastic bubbles attracted maximum attention in the streets and were supported by merchandisers handing out samples and explaining the virtues of Isklar to the astonished spectators.

REPUTATION also produced a film for the mega-screens located in two visible locations during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

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