Klassik logo, corporate identity and web design

KLASSIK Moderne Møbelkunst is today’s leading speciality shop selling used Danish furniture classics. Over more than twenty years, KLASSIK have acquired unique expertise in Danish furniture design and developed a product range unrivalled anywhere in the world.

The new identity for KLASSIK should capture the love and respect for the designers and there craftsmanship. Most of the famous designers like Arne JacobsenBørge MogensenHans J. Wegner and Poul Kjærholm made the most iconic work in the  1950s and 1960s. The identity should somehow reflect that period. But still have a modern look


Silver Corporate Identity
Creativity International 45th Print and Packaging Design Awards

Klassik oversigt


The picture universe Klassik oversigt2

Stationery, business card and letterhead Klassik oversigt4

Poster, postcard and brochure layout Klassik oversigt3

Full page image ads and small product ads Klassik oversigt5

Klassik oversigt5

Website with a huge onlineshop Klassik oversigt6

silhouettes a bit provocative used as additional graphics. Naked girl with champagne in pk 22 chair man smoking a big joint while sitting in Arne Jacobsen famous chair the swan Klassik oversigt7
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