Nycomed has launched their first global OTC brand with the help of Team REPUTATION. Pantozol Control® is a proton pump inhibitor and effective treatment for sufferers of repeated heartburn, but until now has only been available by prescription. REPUTATION is proud to have helped transform this massive prescription success into an OTC brand during the two-year start-up process. Based on extensive market research on over 30,000 consumers in Europe, we were able to get a unique insight into the drivers behind heartburn treatment and OTC products in general. The creative concept was a joint effort involving some of the best creative teams from multiple locations including the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and more.

Our launch campaign covers 27 EU countries and has involved the creative concept across adverts, websites, e-learning tools, point-of-sale materials and much more. In particular, our responsibility for the websites has lead to multiple digital projects in several European markets. 


As part of the development process, we arranged a workshop that generated over 120 ideas. 






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