Global sales Catalogues

Exclusivity in small sizes

Exclusive childrens clothing brand, Mini a ture, approached Reputation as part of an ambitious plan to grow market share in Denmark and pave ways into international markets. For this they required a much needed new visual identity that truly reflected the Mini a ture brand and its premium quality. Cutting across catalogues and traditional retail POS the identity was to differentiate Mini a ture from it’s competitors and provide a more international profile.

A fluid identity

Steering away from rigid guidelines and we wanted to create an expression that was easily recognised yet fluid and flexible in its nature in order to allow for different visual interpretations. The colourful and ever changing young user audience in mind this came very natural.

Telling a story

In a category driven by endless catalogues with the same product-centric photography style we decided to go against the stream and opted for a thematic style approach. Finding our inspiration in the core ideas behind the individual summer/winter collection we proposed to tell that same story across all communications materials. Whether through the photography style, the design, the choice of paper or its finishing each catalogue has since reflected this – telling stories about nature living, living in the 1950s and others.





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