Global concept & design manual

Having conquered the specialist/professional market with TRUE Test, Mekos developed the concept with a new OTC allergy self-test for the consumer market. The Nixema adhesive plaster provides a reading for nickel and fragrance tolerance. The primary target consumer group is middle-to-high-income women aged 25-65.

Our challenge was to create a complete Nixema brand universe from scratch. We had to develop an international branding concept that would resonate with consumers and distributors. The Nixema identity needed to be implemented across a range of trade, promotion and consumer communications.

In some respects our task was simple as Nixema is the only FDA approved product of its kind, and currently has no market competition. In addition, it will be launched in a social climate that has personal wellbeing and health, allergy-awareness and self-care high on the agenda.

However, the real challenge was to brand, introduce and explain a completely new product concept to consumers and distributors in a way that would motivate them to engage it. In order to do this, we needed to:

• create a suitable and unambiguous graphic language that is as unique as the product itself, but at the same time does not alienate the consumer from wanting to purchase it or distributors wanting to invest in it

• balance the science of the product with a social realism in order that it is positioned and understood as a wellbeing/beauty solution rather than just a medicalresource

• develop a watertight marketing and communications package (advertising, packaging, in-store, promotions, brand manual etc) that delivers a convincing sales argument, clear logic and the full range of the product’s USPs.




The Logo
The logo echoes the components of the product itself. The orange element of the Nixema icon is the shape of the medicated plaster, and the white square represents the test area on the plaster. It simplifies the Nixema concept and is a striking, highly graphic and contemporary solution. A silhouette of the icon can be extended across a range of printed material to become an integral decorative element. The logotype is as curvaceous, friendly and balanced as the Nixema icon. The grey, orange and white colour palette is distinctive, refreshing and inviting. The Nixema logo also forges a relationship between the product and the company – the Mekos company logo is comprised of a square within a circle. The Nixema and Mekos logos can sit comfortably side by side, hinting they are part of the same family but with their own individual personalities and characters.

Design manual
As an effective way to address key problem areas (piercing, fragrance etc) we developed a series of photographs for use across all sales and marketing materials. The images are styled on traditional rules of beauty photography in order to enhance the desired product positioning.

Adverts have an effective hierarchy of information and deliver a simple and well-structured sales argument that is both informative and convincing. They are image-led, with the photograph addressing a range of key issues/groups (make-up, fragrance, hairdressers etc). The image is clarified further with an unambiguous headline. The payoff headline ‘Stop Scratching – Start testing’, followed by tailored information and generic bitesize USPs are consistent elements.









Brochures for distributors and end-users extend the advert concept with more detailed and informative product rationales tailored to their individual needs. Brochures for distributors support their sales activities with, for example, shop managers.

In-Store Materials
A range of creative and eye-catching in-store materials (postcards, window displays, shelf talker, point-of-sale displays) generate essential product awareness and sales.



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