Company name & Corporate Identity

What happens when three very different fertility companies merge together? New beginnings all round, for one thing and the creation of a joint strategy, identity and name for another. Building on our relationship with MediCult, leading creator of culture media for the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) market, we were happy to help when they united with Humagen Micropipets and MidAtlantic Diagnostics to form a veritable ART superpower – Origio.

Assisting with the naming process, developing a fresh identity and facilitating the creation of new corporate values, strategy and materials were all part of the unique birthing process of Origio. Although Origio is not marketed directly to patients undergoing fertility treatment, we took a “professional-emotional” approach, to bring a human touch to this traditionally very scientific field. With all that in place, we see bright futures with Origio.


Step 1
Creating a distinctive name that embodies the company


Step 2
Using moodboards to decide a visual approach that reflects the values and ethos of the company.


Step 3
Developing the Origio logo


Step 4
Implementing the new visual universe in a range of materials.





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