Our work in logos

A logo serves to house every facet of a brand’s identity. Building a logo is as much an exercise in expression as it is in preservation. A logo must protect the roots of the brand, yet reveal everything that it aspires to be. But how do you balance these needs with spatial limitations, a few choice colors, and less than a sentence worth of text?

Well, we’ve got an idea. And we’ve put it into practice time and time again. Below you’ll find a selection of some of the logos we’ve created: our attempt to show our achievements in the past and our capabilities in the future.


Øresundsbroen: The bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden

HK: Trade union with 300,000 members

Radiometer: World leader within blood gas testing

Origio: World leader within human fertility diagnotics

Soigneur: Pro bicycle shop

Whiite: Fashion for women

MonoFer: Intravenous iron

Nixema: Self test – nickel or fragrance allergy

T-cellic: Biotech company within cancer research

Specialkøbmanden: Delicacy shop

Evergas: Seaborne transporters of petrochemical gases and natural gas liquids
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