Swedens most recommended craftsman

Renault is a leading producer of vehicles for craftsmen. So they know that the craftsman industry often have to face a poor public reputation of not being on time, being too expensive and doing a poor quality job. The fact is however the contrary. The vast majority is doing a fantastic job and if it was not for them, our countries will not be able to benefit from the high living standards and societal progressions being made.

Renault Sweden made the decision to engage themselves in the public debate by focusing on the great contribution and satisfaction with the Swedish Craftsmen (credit thomas). The issued a campaign to identify the most recommended craftsmen in Sweden.

REPUTATION facilitated this initiative for Renault. Customers from all around the country are now sharing their positive experiences and nominating their favorite craftsmen for the big prize for the most recommended – The New Renault Formula Edition.

Go to website here



Listen to the radio spot here (in swedish)


FIRST PHASE: A website with online sign up function. And a presentation of Renault TRAFIC formula edition. First prize in the competition Start-side_fuld-layout2

FIRST PHASE: Online banners encouraging craftsmen to sign up Banners2

Renault Trafic FE_DM mockup

FIRST PHASE: National ads promoting the competition and the car ad

PHASE TWO: Online voting and live radio shows Start-side_fuld-layout2

PHASE THREE: The winner Start-side_fuld-layout3

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