Logo and global sales catalogues

WHIITE is a Danish luxury clothing brand for women. It was launched in 2003 and resides under the HTM Group. Co-founding sisters – Kathrine and Frederikke Hviid – are at the creative helm of the brand, which is currently retailed alongside international fashion collections in boutiques across Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the entire UK.

WHIITE clothes are defined by quality, wearability and comfort. They radiate a quiet beauty and a sensual femininity. They are tailored for energetic, modern, confident and successful style-conscious women who demand lush fabrics, classic aesthetics and figure-flattering cuts from their choice in fashion.

REPUTATION has senior personnel with a solid background in the branding and marketing of major fashion brands, so we were an obvious choice for WHIITE when the sister duo wanted to commission consultative and creative know-how to develop and fine tune the brand for the long haul.

Our challenge was to develop a new logo concept and cost-effective solutions for their sales and marketing catalogues.

WHIITE has always been about the clothes. From the outset, such key brand values as luxury, exclusivity, quality and beauty have been implicit in every collection. However, their ‘BY WHIITE’ name/logo, along with their sales and marketing material did not communicate the same message – verging more towards a perfect expression for a good mail order fashion line than the distinguished and refined credentials of WHIITE.

We set out to create an image that not only better reflected the profile and character of the product, but position it in the market with one unique, consolidated WHIITE expression that will take it to the next level.

The new logo empowers the brand by embodying the total WHIITE experience.

The new logotype is trim, elegant and slender. It has a grace, stature and delicacy. Maintaining the upper case values affords it a punctuating authority, and at the same time safeguards a level of existing consumer brand identification. The superfluous ‘BY’ element has been cut to render an increased graphic balance and character.

The sister duo have a growing celebrity status, are an authority within fashion and have become ambassadors for a generation of women. With this in mind, and with due consideration to the power that designer-as-personality yields with consumers, we positioned the sisters more at the centre of the brand – literally. Dots above the double ‘I’ create a simple graphic suggestion of two people – Kathrine and Frederikke Hviid take centre stage.

To echo the timeless and classic simplicity of the brand, the new logo is delivered in either black or white, which also increases its general visibility and exclusivity.


Sales and Marketing Catalogues
Our solutions for their catalogues create a more textural, sensory and tactile universe through the use of die cuts, embossing and the combination of gloss, satin and matt paper stock.

The photographic style is much more luxury brand and there is a bigger emphasis on finer detailing of the product. Models match the WHIITE woman profile more accurately, and the physical environments they inhabit are more lush and sensual. A stronger story-telling element has been introduced to the photographic delivery in order to underscore the personality of the clothes and the inspiration behind them.

The multi-functional formats of the catalogues deliver a readymade point-of-sale display, as well as a ‘look book’ function for consumers. They are cost-effective solutions that display no visible signs of having economy as a driver.



Style: “Neutral”









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