The winner is a Danish nurse harvesting coffee beans

Google and The Danish YouTube Ads Leaderboard for 2016 highlights the top ten performing ads on YouTube in Denmark. And the winner for best performing film in 2016 is…drums please…the winner is NESCAFÉ for “Welcome to the coffee lands” by REPUTATION…!!

By the way…the film is also number 1 in Sweden ahead of two films with this Zlatan-guy or what’s his name.
Tall guy. Strange hair. Talks very slowly.

We would like to thank Marie who took a week off from her job as a nurse and went to visit the coffee farmer Noé and his family in Mexico. It was some great days at the coffee farm – also for our film crew. If you haven’t seen all the films we did on the farm you get the chance right here.

Click to see the topten performing ads on YouTube in Denmark 2016


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