FREE Christmas gift #1

Family Feeling in a can

 It’s been a good long year since last Christmas – so long in fact that you’ve managed to repress the memories of last year’s horrors brought on by your in-laws. Now the door bell is ringing and you’re officially panicking – how will you put on a convincingly welcoming smile, when faced with the king and queen of disapproval? Here’s how: With REPUTATION’s brand new “I Can’t Believe it’s Not Family Feeling” you’ll actually think it’s endearing when their merciless eyes scan everything from your outfit to the decorations, hoping to find a fault to point out. Get the incredible joy of reunion and actual sense of affection for your parents in law – in a can!




Kiss in a can

From December 1st you’ve started every day with a severe brushing of teeth followed by mouthwash, floss and a few puffs of breath spray before leaving home in a daze of hope and anticipation. So why do people shun you like the plague every time you accidentally wander under the mistletoe? Is there seriously no snog in sight to warm your frozen lips this winter? Fear not! REPUTATION’s brand new “I Can’t believe it’s not a Kiss” will give you the sweet sensation of that special seasonal smooch – in a can!




Forgiveness in a can

Christmas is the season for sharing peace, love and understanding. However, it might be hard to make peace with your partner, who doesn’t seem to understand the love you briefly shared with that hot co-worker at this year’s Christmas bash. Tired of cold shoulders, snide remarks and silent treatments? The solution is here: REPUTATION’s brand new “I Can’t believe it’s not Forgiveness”  will create the immediate illusion that your spouse has embraced the spirit of the holiday and decided to let you off the hook. Get the relief of absolution and exoneration of guilt – in a can!





Gratitude in a can

We all know that feeling of having deliriously torn the wrapping from a Christmas present, only to be met with gut-wrenching disappointment. You only have a few seconds to collect yourself, before forcing a smile and beaming up at your grandmother, while struggling to express appreciation for the multicoloured sweater she’s spent the last two months knitting – just for you (credit thomas).  Don’t you just miss that genuine joy of receiving what you REALLY wanted? Well, you’re in luck! With REPUTATION’s brand new I Can’t Believe it’s not Gratitude” we promise a feeling so life-like, you’ll feel like you actually DID get that iPad! Get that special thankful feeling and fulfillment – in a can! 












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